The Challenge

The Challenge

The word compassion means many things to many people. For some, it is just a word that means to feel sorry. For others, the word means something the weak have for the weak. Of course, the list could go on and on, but when you actually get right down to it, compassion is a God thing. Compassion started with Him. Compassion means, “to suffer with.” If compassion were a guide, you could follow it to where people hurt. You would find a path that is full of pain, a road of wilderness, and brokenness.

The road would be lined with the people of the world. They live in great big houses, and they live outside with no house at all. The road is a lonely one full of lonely people waiting to be noticed, loved and rescued from hopelessness. To have compassion, to live with compassion, you and I must immerse ourselves in the human condition of just simply being human. It is not a way you walk by yourself. It is a way you follow Jesus on. It is a way that points people home. I encourage you to join me as we take: “The Descent to Compassion”