Welcome To The Descent

February 6, 2013

What is The Descent to Compassion?

The disciples walked with Jesus outside the four walls of the temple and learned what sharing the Kingdom message was truly all about. In the Descent to Compassion, the author takes the reader beyond Sunday morning service, past evangelism projects, and out into the highways and hedges where life happens and does not stop for a 30-minute sermon. The author takes the reader to where Jesus is walking and working everyday, desiring His people to join Him in the work.

Divine moments happen everyday because God is always at work. Each and everyday we get up, if we open our eyes, we can see the hurting and we can see Jesus actively pursuing their hearts. We have the option of joining Him or walking away. Through experiencing these moments of divine encounter, our lives receive fresh meaning. Living this kind of compassionate lifestyle keeps one other-focused instead of self-focused.


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If you are a pastor of a church and would like to use the paperback version of The Descent to Compassion for a church wide study. You can email me for a discount code and link to where to make your bulk perchance.  The paperback version is normally $9.99 but you can buy for your church in bulk for $3.99.